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London Green Points - Havering

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London Green Points - Havering is a scheme that rewards you reducing the amount you throw away and recycling more, with the chance to earn 'Green Points' for your efforts which can be spent in our online shop or donated to local charities in the Borough.

The scheme is completely free and is open to all residents of the London Borough of Havering.


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Recycle and get rewarded

We monitor the amount of rubbish and recycling being produced in Havering and reward you when less is being wasted and more being recycled. You'll earn 'Green Points' depending on how well your area is performing and can earn extra points for other waste minimisation activities.

Spend or donate

The Green Points you earn can be spent on over 1,000 sustainable products available in our eShop, or donate to nine local charity and community projects doing great work in Havering.

Use your card for discounts

As a thank you for taking part you'll also receive a London Green Points - Havering card, which entitles you to discounts in over 100 local businesses that have signed up to be a part of the scheme.

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